Canal Stenosis — Recovery After Surgery — Exercises

Each patient’s experience with canal stenosis and recovery after surgery will vary. Certain exercises, when performed correctly, can aid in the healing process, promote a healthy spine and help a patient reclaim an active lifestyle. In addition to providing specific postoperative instructions, a surgeon will typically recommend a progressive exercise program to restore and build spinal strength and flexibility following canal stenosis surgery.

Exercising after surgery might seem somewhat counterintuitive, especially since a patient is usually experiencing some level of discomfort and probably would like to rest. Of course, one or two days of taking it easy are generally acceptable (and might be recommended). However, canal stenosis patients should be cautioned that remaining inactive for too long can actually be harmful, possibly resulting in decreased circulation, a weakened immune system and stiff joints.

Exercises to facilitate recovery after canal stenosis surgery

Following surgery, most physicians recommend a regimen of gentle, low-impact exercises such as:

  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Walking
  • Step aerobics
  • Light hiking

Even though postsurgical exercises are not intended to be strenuous, a patient should stop immediately upon experiencing any form of new or increased pain. On the other hand, mild discomfort should be expected as the body slowly becomes accustomed to being active again. Pain relievers and hot/cold therapy can helpful throughout the healing process.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Patients who have been diagnosed with canal stenosis and are considering surgery should know that there are effective, minimally invasive alternatives to traditional open spine surgery. The surgeons at Laser Spine Institute have perfected outpatient procedures to address spinal conditions that cause neck and back pain. Contact us today for more information and to request a review of a recent MRI or CT scan.