Canal Stenosis — Recovery After Surgery — Things to Avoid

Recovery after canal stenosis surgery and the things to avoid can vary considerably based on the individual circumstances of each patient. Therefore, the best source for answers on what to expect is a personal consultation with a surgeon, who can offer specific information, address all questions and provide detailed postoperative instructions.

Things to avoid during recovery after surgery

In general, for a few weeks after undergoing canal stenosis surgery, a patient can expect to have some pain and swelling in and around the incision site. The level of discomfort should improve steadily, provided that the surgeon’s postoperative instructions are followed.

Most canal stenosis patients are advised to avoid the following activities immediately after surgery and during the recovery period:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications (other than those specifically prescribed), which can delay the healing process
  • Sitting and remaining in the same position for more than 10-20 minutes at a time
  • Swimming and soaking in a tub during the first two weeks after surgery
  • Lifting, bending, twisting and any other movements that stress the spine or cause pain
  • High-impact sports and other extreme activities like skiing, boating and riding horses, ATVs, tractors and amusement park rides

Most patients have recovered sufficiently to drive and return to work within a few weeks after having canal stenosis surgery. However, the final determination should be made by the patient’s surgeon during a follow-up appointment. The surgeon can also advise on when the patient can resume other activities. Typically, it takes a few months for the spinal bones to heal well, and healing process can continue for a up to a year after canal stenosis surgery.

Laser Spine Institute

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