Bulging Disc Recovery

Bulging Disc Recovery

Bulging disc recovery time varies from patient to patient and depends on several factors. These factors include:

  • The location of the bulging disc in the spinal column
  • The amount of disc degeneration present
  • The severity of the nerve compression causing pain and discomfort
  • How long symptoms have existed
  • The specific treatment plan utilized

If you have been diagnosed with a mild bulging disc, , symptoms could be alleviated within a week. Your mild bulging disc pain can be reduced or eliminated by merely adopting good posture or sitting in an ergonomic chair at work.

When pain from a bulging disc is moderate, your recovery can take longer, perhaps up to six weeks. Moderate symptoms can be addressed with physical therapy, rest, over-the-counter-medications and/or epidural steroid injections.

But, when a bulging disc results in pain and other symptoms severe enough to restrict daily activities, the recovery process can be much longer. A lengthy recuperation is especially probable if you are hospitalized and undergo traditional open spine surgery to relieve bulging disc symptoms.

Surgical treatment for symptoms arising from a bulging disc is aimed at relieving the pressure that a bulging disc places on nerve fibers in the spinal column. Open spine surgeries require hospital admission and large incisions. In-hospital recovery time for these surgeries can last several days, followed by a recovery period at home of weeks or months, depending upon the individual. Some patients continue to have pain or can develop a new or different pain after surgery has been completed. In some bulging disc cases, symptom relief is not truly achieved even after open spine surgery.

If you are concerned about the potential extensive recovery period associated with open back surgery, consider the minimally invasive surgical procedures available at Laser Spine Institute. We offer outpatient procedures to treat bulging discs and other spine conditions. Recovery times for our procedures are typically much shorter than those associated with traditional open spine surgery. Please contact Laser Spine Institute today for your MRI review to determine if you are a candidate for one of our procedures.