Bulging disc articles

A bulging disc is a sometimes painful condition that can occur with the natural aging process of the spine. Over the years, the spine endures weight gain and continual motion. Both of these factors cause the vertebrae of the spine to slowly compress under pressure, which causes the joints and discs between the vertebrae to also compress.

As this process continues, a disc in the lumbar spine (lower back) or cervical spine (neck) — usually because those two areas suffer the most spinal compression — may be so tightly squeezed by the surrounding vertebrae that it is forced to flatten and expand into the spinal canal. In some cases, this bulging disc may not impact any of the nerve roots traveling in the spinal canal, meaning that no symptoms would be caused by this bulging disc. However, sometimes a disc can bulge into the spinal canal and compress a nerve root, resulting in symptoms of localized pain, radiating pain in the local extremity, and sometimes even weakness or tingling in the local extremity.

To learn more about a bulging disc, the symptoms and treatments available, take a look at some of our popular bulging disc articles below:

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