Minimally invasive discectomy

A minimally invasive discectomy is a procedure performed at Laser Spine Institute to treat a bulging or herniated disc in the neck or back. The goal of the procedure is to remove a small portion of the damaged disc in order to decompress a pinched nerve root in the spinal canal. In most cases, just a small portion of the disc can be removed without disrupting the stability of the spine. However, in some severe cases, the entire damaged disc will have to be removed and a stabilization procedure will accompany the discectomy in order to stabilize the spine.

Often, a discectomy procedure is not recommended unless a patient has not responded to several months of conservative treatment and is still suffering from herniated disc symptoms. For many patients who have been recommended spine surgery, a minimally invasive discectomy is a safer, effective treatment option when compared to the highly invasive traditional discectomy procedure. You should consult your physician about the advantages of spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute.

What to expect during a minimally invasive discectomy

The minimally invasive discectomy procedure at Laser Spine Institute is performed through a small, 1-inch incision to avoid the disruption of the local muscles and soft tissue. It’s important to understand that unlike a traditional discectomy and some forms of microdiscectomy, our minimally invasive approach allows our patients to experience a lower risk of complication and a higher patient satisfaction score (96) after surgery.^

In the event that a minimally invasive stabilization surgery is required after a discectomy (the entire disc is removed instead of a portion of the disc), an artificial disc will be inserted into the empty disc space to create a more natural feel and movement of the spine than the traditional metal cage fusion.

Our procedures are performed in one of our world-class surgery centers throughout the country, allowing our patients to return home or to their hotel just a few hours after surgery. We encourage you to research the benefits of our minimally invasive procedures and our culture of care.

For more information about the advantages of minimally invasive discectomy, please contact our team at Laser Spine Institute today.