Computer Assisted Spine Surgery

Computer assisted spine surgery has become an increasingly popular option in recent years because of advances in computer and laser technology.

Ultimately, the advantages of computer assisted spine surgery are twofold: it offers better magnification and increased spatial awareness. Through the use of computer technology, surgery is quicker and more precise than ever before, and patient recovery time is greatly decreased.

Unlike traditional open back surgery which requires hospitalization, large incisions and muscle disruption, computer assisted spine surgery is minimally invasive and is typically an outpatient procedure. Also known as surgery, computer assisted procedures can be done by inserting a tube, tiny camera and the surgeon’s instruments through a small in the neck or back. The camera’s images are then magnified and relayed on a computer screen in the operating room in real time, allowing the surgeon an unparalleled view of the target and a level of accuracy that could never be matched with a scalpel and the naked eye.

Computer assisted spine surgery also:

  • Streamlines procedures by helping the surgeon navigate a direct route to the problem area, whether it’s a herniated disc , bone spur, or foraminal stenosis
  • Allows the surgeon to push the soft tissue aside rather than cut it
  • Offers a clearer view of the surgical site
  • Makes it easier to perform multiple procedures in one session, which further limits cost, pain, and time for the patient
  • Limits the presence of scarring and internal scar tissue
  • Is typically performed on an outpatient basis, which means the patient is able to leave the surgery center on his or her own accord within hours after the procedure

At the forefront of this growing technology is Laser Spine Institute. Our surgeons are experts in minimally invasive spine surgery, and we are available to further discuss the specific procedures we offer, which include foraminotomy, laminotomy, discectomy and facet thermal ablation. Contact Laser Spine Institute today to find out if one of these minimally invasive outpatient procedures is right for you.