Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue

The presence of excessive scar tissue from traditional open back surgery is a common cause of postoperative back pain. The presence of scar tissue is a normal part of the healing process after surgery. However, occasionally this scar tissue compresses spinal nerves, a condition called epidural fibrosis. When this happens, the patient may continue to experience painful symptoms after having a procedure that was supposed to reduce or eliminate pain.

If a patient continues to experience pain after open back surgery has been completed, it is possible that the presence of scar tissue is exacerbating the symptoms that the surgery was intended to address. If a patient hasn’t begun to find relief from pain three months after the operation, it is possible that scar tissue from the back surgery is the cause of the discomfort. Scar tissue buildup is an unfortunate side effect of the large incision and tissue damage incurred during massively invasive traditional open back surgery. In this case, an MRI is required to confirm the presence of scar tissue and ensure the symptoms aren’t being caused by another source.

The good news is that if scar tissue from traditional back surgery is indeed the source of your discomfort, you have options. At Laser Spine Institute, the surgeons regularly perform a procedure known as a laminotomy to treat epidural fibrosis. This is an extremely appealing option for many patients because:

  • The outpatient procedure is minimally invasive
  • The surgeon inserts a tiny tube and micro-surgical tools through a small incision in the back
  • Recovery time is short and risks are much lower than those of traditional open back surgery
  • The success rate of minimally invasive laminotomy procedures is very high

It is also important to note that many patients can avoid traditional open back surgery altogether by choosing an minimally invasive procedure from Laser Spine Institute instead. Since Laser Spine Institute’s procedures are minimally invasive, there is a much lower risk of scar tissue buildup compared to traditional back surgery.

Contact Laser Spine Institute today to learn more about laminotomy and how it can address scar tissue from back surgery, as well as the other exciting minimally invasive surgical procedures offered to treat neck and back pain. Laser Spine Institute offers a number of procedures that are designed to help patients find meaningful pain relief without the long recovery time and risks of traditional open back surgery.