Nucleoplasty is another term for a minimally invasive discectomy. This type of procedure is used to remove a portion of a damaged disc in the neck or back that is compressing a nearby nerve root and causing pain and limited mobility.

The nucleoplasty (discectomy) procedure is often used when a disc is mildly damaged due to an injury or a degenerative spine condition, such as bulging disc. While there are several types of spine surgery available to help treat a damaged disc, patients who undergo nucleoplasty — or minimally invasive discectomy — often experience a shorter recovery period^ and lower risk of surgical complications.

If you are still suffering from chronic neck or back pain and you have already exhausted conservative treatment options, you should consult your physician about a minimally invasive alternative to traditional open neck or open back surgery.

How to determine if nucleoplasty surgery is your best option

Undergoing any type of spine surgery takes a lot of consideration. Often, there are several surgery options available for any type of spine condition, which means that you should heavily research all of your available options before moving forward with a spine surgery.

When researching minimally invasive nucleoplasty or discectomy, you will often find information that compares the procedure to traditional open back surgery. That is because, while the two types of procedures have the same goal, the approach to the spine is vastly different.

Traditional open neck or open back surgery approaches the spine through a large, highly invasive incision that requires the surgeons to cut and detach the muscles surrounding the spine. This additional and unnecessary cutting leaves the patient more susceptible to excessive blood loss and surgical complication than patients who choose a less invasive approach. The difference in techniques is usually the main deciding factor for many patients.

The less invasive techniques involved in a minimally invasive nucleoplasty (discectomy) result in a higher patient satisfaction score and shorter recovery time^ than patients who undergo traditional open back surgery experience. For more information about the benefits of choosing minimally invasive surgery to treat your damaged disc or spine condition, or to learn about the minimally invasive procedures offered at Laser Spine Institute, please contact our team at Laser Spine Institute today.