How will your life change after back surgery?

If you have been diagnosed with a spine condition that requires surgical treatment, you might find yourself concerned with how the results of the treatment impact the rest of your life. You have already lived for months or years with chronic, debilitating pain that has kept you from doing the activities that you love. What if this spine surgery doesn’t do anything to fix that pain? Or, even worse, what if you have more pain after the surgery than before?

Our team at Laser Spine Institute understands your concerns about back surgery. We have helped patients gather information about treatment options for more than 10 years, and we have helped more than 75,000 people reclaim their lives from chronic neck and back pain. We understand the overwhelming decision to undergo spinal surgery to treat your condition, and we want you to know that we are here to walk with you on your journey to wellness.

Goals and risks of back surgery

Every procedure has a risk, and back surgery is no exception to this rule. As a patient, it is important for you to research the possible risks and benefits of any surgical procedure before moving forward with a treatment option. You should also research the types of treatments available to you.

For example, patients can choose between traditional open back surgery and minimally invasive open back surgery to treat their spine condition. The minimally invasive spine surgery offered at Laser Spine Institute has substantially less risk and great patient satisfaction than traditional open back surgery.

Unlike traditional open back surgery that requires a large incision that cuts through muscles and soft tissue, our minimally invasive procedures are performed through small incisions of about 1-inch in length. Our advanced medical technology and techniques allow our surgeons to perform decompression surgery and stabilization surgery through this small incision without disrupting the surrounding muscles or tissues.

Traditional open back fusion surgery sometimes does not work due to excessive scar tissue preventing the fusion from happening. With our minimally invasive stabilization surgery, the small incision eliminates the risk of excessive scar tissue, thereby increasing the patients’ chance for a successful surgery.

Our minimally invasive spine surgery has earned Laser Spine Institute a patient satisfaction score of 96 and patient recommendation score of 97 out of 100.^

Life after back surgery

The goal of back surgery is to treat the spine condition and symptoms that have prevented you from living your life to the fullest. Many patients are able to return to their daily activities after surgery, though the recovery time is dependent on the type of surgery performed.

During your recovery time, we encourage you to move around and get your muscles used to moving and working again. However, we also remind you that your spine condition may have forced you into an inactive lifestyle for a long time, and you should ease your way back into being active and moving around.

Before you undergo surgery at Laser Spine Institute, you and your Care Partner will receive information about what to expect during your recovery period and a guide to help you recover safely. You can always reach out to our Care Team with more questions about the recovery process and your life after surgery. If you are currently going through recovery following a minimally invasive procedure at Laser Spine Institute, call our SPINE LINE with any questions.