Back operation

A back operation can help you find relief from your chronic back pain by treating the degenerative spine condition causing your pain and symptoms. Conditions that cause this neck and back pain could include a bulging disc, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and bone spurs.

Since back pain from these conditions can be extremely debilitating, it may seem like deciding to undergo a back operation is a simple choice. However, it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of a back operation and to have realistic expectations about what to anticipate after the procedure.

Traditional open back operation

Surgery should always be considered a last resort for treatment due to its increased risks and invasive nature. If you are diagnosed with a spine condition, your physician will probably first prescribe a series of nonsurgical, conservative treatments such as pain medication, physical therapy, extended rest and other methods. Only if a full course of treatment does not relieve your back pain should surgery become an option.

A traditional open back operation may be appropriate to treat the root cause of your spine condition. The operation can involve removing an entire affected disc or other troubled portion of the spine and then stabilizing the spine.

However, traditional open back surgery has drawbacks. It usually involves a highly invasive procedure with large incisions and muscle tearing. You may be required to stay in the hospital for at least a few days. Full recovery could take anywhere from several weeks to a year. Complications, such as infection, return of symptoms or nerve injury could extend your recovery. Undergoing a back operation is a huge commitment and surgical options should be fully explored.

Minimally invasive alternatives

There is now an alternative to traditional open back surgery that avoids many of the difficulties that comes with it. Laser Spine Institute is the leader in a minimally invasive approach to spine surgery, having helped more than 75,000 patients get their lives back from neck and pain.

During one of our minimally invasive decompression or stabilization procedures, surgeons remove the source of painful nerve compression using small incisions and micro-instruments. These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, and patients may return to their accommodations the same day as surgery, avoiding hospital-associated costs.

To learn more about a minimally invasive back operation from Laser Spine Institute, contact us and receive your no-cost* MRI review.