What Is Outpatient Back Surgery?

What Is Outpatient Back Surgery?

Outpatient back surgery is any procedure that allows the patient to return home on the same day as the operation. Unlike traditional open spine surgery, which requires an overnight hospital stay (or longer), outpatient surgery is usually quicker, easier and more cost effective. In fact, the majority of surgical procedures completed today are outpatient operations.

Commonly referred to as “ambulatory surgery” or “same-day surgery,” outpatient back surgery has grown popular as a result of advances in modern medicine. This has led to the growth and popularity of minimally invasive procedures, which can often treat the same conditions as traditional open back surgery, without the pain, recovery time and expense involved in major operations. Outpatient procedures also require smaller incisions (if any), which, in turn, reduces muscle trauma and creates a smaller chance for scarring or infection.

There are also other advantages of outpatient back surgery, including:

  • More personalized care
  • Recovering at home, which is more familiar and less stressful
  • Procedures and recovery are quicker so scheduling is easier
  • Ambulatory centers are being designed to be more comfortable than the hospital
  • Because procedures are quicker, outpatient procedures typically run on time
  • Physical therapy can begin the next day, in most cases

One reason for the increase in outpatient back surgery is the rise of minimally invasive spine surgery. Where it was once inconceivable that major spine surgery could be completed without hospitalization, this is now the reality. For example, a patient who has a painful herniated disc used to require massively invasive open back surgery possibly including traditional open back spinal fusion. Now, surgeons are able to use the latest advanced techniques to address the disc disorder without the long-term side effects of major surgery.

While there are always going to be surgeries that require hospitalization, the advent of ambulatory centers and minimally invasive techniques have made surgery easier and more affordable for many.

To learn more about the outpatient, minimally invasive spine surgeries currently available at Laser Spine Institute, contact our staff today. Pain relief may be closer and easier to achieve than you could ever imagine.