Back pain surgery

Back pain surgery is a viable treatment option when all conservative therapies have been exhausted and have failed to provide any relief for chronic upper back pain.

If you find yourself in a position where back surgery is your last option to find pain relief, you should take a moment to research all of the back surgery options before committing to one treatment. Often, patients feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of having to choose back surgery for their spine condition. By the time patients reach this thought, they have typically already endured years of pain and failed conservative treatments. They are mentally and physically exhausted and desperate for a solution to their chronic pain.

However, even desperation sometimes cannot overcome the fear of the risks involved with traditional open back surgery. Traditional open back surgery is a last resort treatment for patients because the surgery comes with so many risks and stories of failure. The procedure involves detaching the muscles surrounding the spine just to begin the surgery. This highly invasive approach to spine surgery increases a patient’s risk of infection, complication and failed back surgery syndrome.

If you have been recommended to undergo back surgery, we encourage you to research the safer, effective options at Laser Spine Institute.

Minimally invasive alternatives to traditional open back surgery

Traditional open back surgery is no longer the only option patients have to treat severe spine conditions and back pain. Laser Spine Institute offers minimally invasive spine surgery that treats patients through a small incision in the back. This small incision allows our surgeons to access the spine without altering the surrounding muscles. By not disturbing these muscles, our patients experience a shorter recovery time^ and a much lower risk of complication than patients who choose traditional open back surgery.

We offer minimally invasive decompression surgery to relieve pressure on a pinched nerve and minimally invasive stabilization surgery to decompress a pinched nerve and stabilize the spine. Often, patients with severe disc damage from a herniated or bulging disc require a minimally invasive stabilization surgery. In this example, the surgeon would remove the damaged disc to release pressure on the pinched nerve in the spinal canal and insert an artificial disc in the empty disc space to stabilize the spine.

For more information about the minimally invasive procedures we offer to treat back pain, please contact us today.