Low back pain stretches

Low back pain is something that affects almost everyone at some point in life, but there’s no need to live with the pain. Increasing flexibility is a proven, noninvasive method for effective low back pain relief. As long as they are performed correctly, stretches can help with the body’s circulation, range of motion, muscle flexibility and overall bone health. Ligaments and tendons are also less prone to damage. Read on to learn about the causes of low back pain and the treatments available to alleviate your symptoms.

The cause of low back pain

The lumbar (lower) region of the spine supports your everyday movements, so it’s easy to see why years of wear and tear can take their toll. Over time, the spinal discs, which are the spongy pads between vertebrae, become drier, thinner and less able to maintain elasticity and structural integrity. If these discs shift, tear, leak or bulge, nerve compression can occur and become extremely painful. That’s why it’s important to support your spine health using specific exercises that can provide low back pain relief. Work with your doctor or a fitness professional to create a stretching routine that fits your needs.

Exercises and stretches to alleviate low back pain

While you need to consult a professional to develop a therapeutic stretching routine, there are some basic exercises you can explore, and others to avoid. Some exercises may worsen the pain in your back even more. These exercises may include:

  • Toe touches
  • Bilateral leg lifts
  • Sit-ups
  • Standing spine twists

In contrast, these exercises may be beneficial for low back pain:

  • Unilateral leg lifts
  • Standing hamstring stretches
  • Abdominal squeezes while lying flat on the floor
  • Spine twists lying flat on the ground

If you experience any discomfort during low back pain stretches, you may need to decrease the intensity of your stretches. Your doctor might suggest integrating pain medication, steroid injections and hot or cold compresses into your treatment plan.

Minimally invasive low back pain treatments

If several weeks or months of conservative treatment does not relieve your pain, the board certified+ surgeons at Laser Spine Institute may be able to help. We offer minimally invasive spine surgery that holds many advantages as a safer and effective alternative to traditional open back surgery.^ Contact us for more information about the outpatient procedures we perform at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our minimally invasive decompression and stabilization procedures treat a wide range of degenerative spine conditions using muscle-sparing procedures and a small incision. These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and offer lower risks of infection and complication as well as a shorter recovery period compared to traditional open back surgery.^

As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, Laser Spine Institute has already helped more than 75,000 people find lasting relief from their back pain. To find out if you are a potential candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures, reach out to our dedicated team today and ask for a free MRI review.* We are here to help you recapture your quality of life from your debilitating spine condition.