Back Spasm Relief

Back Spasm Relief

One of the most common, debilitating conditions any athlete can endure is an occurrence of back spasms. These sudden, involuntary contractions of back muscles can be the harbinger of muscular imbalance or underlying injury, but in either case can be extremely painful and make movement very difficult. For athletes who experience a back spasm, relief may not come for days, weeks or longer, depending on the severity of the cause.

Back spasms and their symptoms

Back spasms are often a sign of overuse. Repetitive motion or overtraining without proper recovery time can diminish the ability of the back muscles to heal from wear and tear. In addition, an imbalance of muscle development in the core region can place an improper load on some muscles, causing them to react to overuse. Baseball, golf, tennis and other such sports that require a repetitive motion involving the back muscles are the most common sports that can cause back spasms. In fact, baseball players experience back spasms with regularity.

A back spasm will manifest itself with a few symptoms, including:

  • A sudden and often severe pain in the back, whether in motion or at rest
  • A feeling of tightness or immobility in the spine
  • Pain that intensifies with movement and may diminish when lying down

Treatments to achieve back spasm relief

As stated above, back spasms may indicate an underlying injury, since muscle spasms in general may result from injured or inflamed nerves. Thus, it is necessary to consider the full gamut of spine conditions when a patient experiences chronic back spasms, which means the spasms have lasted for three months or longer. Since many spine conditions respond well to conservative, non-invasive treatment, a patient may fully recovery after seeking back spasm relief through non-invasive means.

If, however, conservative methods have not brought you relief, your physician may suggest back surgery as your best option. Laser Spine Institute offers more effective alternatives to traditional open back surgery. We specialize in finding and treating the root cause of back pain using our minimally invasive spine procedures, which are performed on an outpatient basis. Let us help you find relief from back pain.