Back Pain Overview

Back pain affects 80 percent of Americans at some time in their lives. Very often, physicians are consulted. Low back pain is one of the most prevalent causes of disability in people under age 45. An estimated $100 billion is spent annually in the management of it, with more than half spent on surgical treatment.

Spinal vertebrae are held together by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Between the vertebrae are discs, which act as “shock absorbers” and prevent the vertebrae from hitting one another during walking, running or jumping. They also allow the spine to twist, bend and extend. Since the lower back is the hinge between the upper and lower body, and carries most of the body’s weight, it is especially vulnerable to injury. The lower back is the site of most reported pain. When symptoms occur, patients become acutely aware of just how much they rely on a flexible, strong back.

If you are concerned you may be developing chronic back pain, please visit our back pain symptoms page to evaluate your suspicions.

Patients can avoid or delay back pain by educating themselves concerning the causes of their symptoms. Learn about activities to avoid or to take precautions against so that you may maintain spine health for years to come.

Laser Spine Institute provides relief of back pain through several minimally invasive surgical procedures. We suggest a review of our page dedicated to back pain treatment and that you learn generally how Laser Spine Institute performs these techniques.

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