Treatment for spinal arthritis

Spinal arthritis is a degenerative spine condition caused by the natural aging process and the wear and tear of the spine over the years. As the spine becomes compressed under weight gain and repetitive motion, the vertebrae and disc of the spine wear down, causing the joints and discs of the spine to slowly deteriorate. This can lead to other spine conditions that cause pain and other symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, you should collaborate with your physician about treatment options to help reduce your pain and increase your mobility. Initial treatment is often aimed at taking pressure off these joints while increasing the spine’s flexibility and strength. Furthermore, since arthritis can lead to the creation of bone spurs and other swollen tissues pressing upon nerve roots and the spinal cord, treatment could also include medications and injections to reduce swelling.

Conservative treatment for spinal arthritis

Mild forms of spinal arthritis can be treated through conservative methods. Most conservative treatments can be combined to increase pain relief. You should always consult your physician when beginning or changing a treatment plan for your spine condition.

Whether you have osteoarthritis of the spine (degeneration of facet joints) or spinal rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of facet joints), conservative treatment for spinal arthritis can include the following:

  • Physical therapy — mild body movements that focus on the joints of the spine, which can help relieve tension and increase circulation in the affected area. Strength-building therapy can also help other parts of the spine take some of the burden off the arthritic joints. Physical therapy might include lessons on proper body mechanics, lifting techniques and so on.
  • Spinal arthritis exercises — actions that help maintain mobility and flexibility. Low-impact activities like swimming, walking, gentle stretching and range-of-motion exercises can help your body stay agile.
  • Medication — over-the-counter or prescription pain medications and anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce pain so that exercise and physical therapy are more bearable.
  • Steroid injections — an injection of the anti-inflammatory hormone, cortisone, can temporarily relieve pain that results from joint swelling and can also help your physician to pinpoint the exact location of the affected joint.
  • Rest — if your spinal arthritis worsens after rigorous use of the joint, rest may be all that is needed to reduce inflammation and pain.

Surgical treatment for arthritis of the spine

If you have tried these conservative treatment options and still find your joint pain to be debilitating, your physician may recommend surgery as a treatment for spinal arthritis.

At Laser Spine Institute, we offer minimally invasive surgery to help treat arthritis of the spine. Our minimally invasive decompression surgery removes a portion of the diseased disc or vertebra in the spine to decompress the impacted nerve root and relieve pain, while our minimally invasive stabilization surgery removes the entire diseased disc or vertebra to decompress the impacted nerve root in the spinal canal. Once the entire disc or vertebra is removed, the surgeon will insert an implant into the empty space to stabilize the spine.

Before deciding on surgery, let the experts at Laser Spine Institute introduce you to our many minimally invasive procedures. Our outpatient surgeries have helped tens of thousands of people find relief from the symptoms of spinal arthritis, with much shorter recovery periods^ and lower risks than traditional open neck or back surgeries. Contact us today for more information and let us help you find relief from neck and back pain.