What to avoid while you recover from surgery for arthritis of the spine

At Laser Spine Institute, we offer many different treatment options to address arthritis of the spine. While our procedures are minimally invasive in nature, there are still several limitations that you should expect as you recover after surgery. The most important thing is for you to listen closely to your physician and make sure that you give your body time to heal. Don’t overdo it, no matter how good you might be feeling.

The first six weeks after surgery

Typically, the majority of limitations placed on you will occur during the first six weeks following your procedure at Laser Spine Institute. Our procedures require only small incisions and we take care to push aside muscle tissue rather than cut through it, which can help reduce postsurgical rehabilitation,^ but your body will still need time to recover following your treatment.

Every patient and every surgery is unique, but here are some general guidelines regarding things to avoid for the first six weeks following treatment at Laser Spine Institute for arthritis of the spine:

  • Weeks one through two — Limit any activity that applies weight to the spine; avoid staying in one position for more than 10-20 minutes; no lifting at all; prevent constipation; consult your physician if you develop a cold or a cough; abstain from sexual activity; no driving at all.
  • Weeks two through six — Continue to limit activities that apply weight to the spine; avoid sustained postures and limit reading/computer work to 30 minute increments, particularly if you had treatment in your neck; limit sexual activity; do not drive if you are still taking narcotic pain medication or muscle relaxants.
  • Weeks six and beyond — Still limit or avoid heavy lifting; try to avoid sitting for more than 30 minute segments; avoid jobs that require repetitive bending and twisting.

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Of course, depending on your health, your procedure and other relevant variables, your physician may have additional guidelines in mind. To learn more about the specific activities that you’ll need to avoid as you recover from surgery for arthritis of the spine, contact Laser Spine Institute today.