Back pain from spine arthritis

Back pain caused by spinal arthritis can have a drastic effect on your lifestyle. The spine is involved in almost any activity performed. From throwing a baseball with your grandson to taking your dog for a walk, spinal pain can make even the most enjoyable activities overwhelming. It’s important to look into multiple types of treatment and get started right away in order to improve your quality of life.

Spinal arthritis is a common cause of back pain. Like most health problems, the earlier it is treated the greater the success of treatment. Symptoms of spinal arthritis include burning or stabbing neck or back pain, numbness in the neck or back, a limited range of motion or a “crunching” feeling of bone rubbing against bone. These symptoms are similar to those of other back conditions; therefore, your physician could perform a number of tests including blood tests, X-rays, an MRI, CT scan or bone scan to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Spinal arthritis treatment depends on the severity of your back pain as well as your age and general health. Therapy should begin conservatively and progressively become more aggressive if necessary. Nonsurgical treatments include rest, exercise, medications, hot/cold therapy, chiropractic care and physical therapy. Discuss with your physician about creating a personalized treatment plan. In the event that these treatments are ineffective, or in severe cases of spine arthritis, back surgery could be recommended.

Next steps

Surgical treatments for spinal arthritis usually involve removing any tissue and bone that may be pressing against the nerve roots. The minimally invasive, outpatient procedures performed by the skilled surgeons at Laser Spine Institute are often the clinically appropriate surgical first choice for addressing degenerative spine conditions like spinal arthritis. Our minimally invasive techniques provide patients with many advantages over traditional open spinal surgery, which generally requires large incisions and muscle disruption in order to provide surgeons with sufficient access to the spinal components. In contrast, minimally invasive spine surgery is performed using a tiny camera and micro-instruments that are inserted through small incisions. As a result, these procedures are much less invasive than traditional open back surgery.

To learn more about how Laser Spine Institute can help you reclaim your life, contact us today. You can speak to one of our Spine Care Consultants who can provide you with information about our minimally invasive decompression and stabilization procedures, and you can also submit your MRI report for review for us to determine if you are a candidate for one of our procedures.