Laser Spine Institute treatment options for an annular tear

At Laser Spine Institute, we offer multiple treatment options for an annular tear in either the neck or back. Our procedures are minimally invasive in nature and each is conducted on an outpatient basis, which makes them compelling options for individuals who have exhausted non-surgical options and are exploring their next steps. Furthermore, the treatment options that we offer at Laser Spine Institute have very little risk of post-surgical complications, such as infection, and require far less arduous rehabilitation^ than traditional open spine surgery.

What is an annular tear?

Each intervertebral disc is made up of a thick outer shell and a gel-like interior. An annular tear refers to a situation where a tear develops in the outer shell — which is also known as the annulus fibrosus — sometimes allowing the inner disc material to escape and seep into the spinal canal. A disc tear can be painful if it irritates a nerve ending that innervates the disc wall, and other neuropathic symptoms can develop if the herniated disc material compresses the spinal cord or nearby nerve root in the spinal column.

How does Laser Spine Institute treatment work?

At Laser Spine Institute, we offer several treatment options to patients who have been diagnosed with an annular tear. The specific treatment recommended will depend entirely on the patient’s condition, the severity of the problem, the location of the disc tear and other pertinent factors. Some examples of treatments that we offer include:

  • Discectomy to remove part or all of a damaged disc
  • Foraminotomy or laminotomy if disc material is taking up space and compressing the spine’s nerve infrastructure
  • Minimally invasive stabilization to shore up a severely degenerated region of the spine

To learn more about the treatment options for an annular tear that we offer at Laser Spine Institute, contact us today. Also, be sure to request a review of your recent MRI or CT scan.