Exercising with a torn disc

With a torn disc, simple activities can become significantly more difficult, and the idea of exercising can become incomprehensible. However, it’s exceptionally important to maintain a healthy weight with a torn disc since extra body weight can exacerbate symptoms of the condition. Along with a healthy diet, exercising helps you achieve this goal.

Low-intensity activities

It’s important to speak with your physician before you begin any exercise routine, to ensure that you’re healthy enough and to avoid aggravating your condition further. However, some activities you might want to consider include:

  • Strength training — Depending on where your torn disc is located, you might be able to continue strength training. Even in a limited capacity, this activity is exceptionally helpful because it increases the amount of calories you burn daily even while at rest. Plus, strengthening your core muscles reduces the strain on your spine and can help it recover.
  • Swimming — Lack of impact often makes this exercise a perfect fit for a patient with a torn disc, since it eliminates the jarring and compression of the spine that occurs with high-impact sports such as running. In fact, swimming can burn hundreds of calories per hour and help you build lean muscle mass.
  • Walking — Whether it’s exercising the dog or just taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, walking makes a great activity for a person with a torn disc because it is not as hard on the body but allows you to work your heart and burn calories.

Learn more

For more low-intensity activities suitable for a patient with a torn disc, or to learn about treatment options for the condition including minimally invasive spine surgery, contact Laser Spine Institute. We offer multiple minimally invasive procedures that have been effective in treating torn discs, without the large incisions, muscle disruption and long rehabilitation periods^ often associated with traditional open spine surgery. In fact, our minimally invasive spine surgery is often the clinically appropriate first choice over open back surgery. Since 2005, Laser Spine Institute has helped more than 75,000 patients regain their quality of life.

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