Prevent Spondylosis

Prevent Spondylosis

Spondylosis is a condition in which the spine degenerates, oftentimes causing other conditions to arise and symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, immobility, stiffness and more to develop.

There are multiple reasons a person can develop spondylosis, including:

  • Aging – The most common cause of spondylosis, natural wear and tear on the body begins to break down the spine, causing spinal discs to lose water and become more brittle.
  • Family history – As with many diseases, some people might simply be predisposed to spondylosis due to their genetic makeup. If others in your family have the condition, you might be more likely to get it as well.
  • Obesity – Carrying extra weight on your frame increases the load that the spine has to bear, accelerating the wear and tear that is a hallmark of spondylosis.

Possible prevention tips

Of these spondylosis causes, the only one you can actively prevent is obesity, so maintaining a healthy body weight is of the utmost importance. However, some other things you can do to minimize your risk and prolong your health include:

  • Eat nutritiously – Providing your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals helps it maintain healthy tissues including cartilage and bone, so your spine can withstand normal wear and tear better and resist degeneration.
  • Exercise – Lifting weights has been shown to increase bone density, and muscle burns more calories per hour than fat, so increasing your muscle mass while decreasing body fat helps you lose weight even when you’re not working out.
  • Stretch regularly – Reduce pressure on the spine from tense muscles and avoid injury by stretching every day to stay limber.

Learn more

For more information on ways to avoid or minimize spondylosis symptoms, or to learn about treatment options including the minimally invasive procedures performed at our facility, contact Laser Spine Institute. We will conduct a review of your MRI or CT scan and let you know if you qualify for one of our minimally invasive procedures.