Spondylolisthesis surgery recovery time

When considering spondylolisthesis surgery, patients often ask about the recovery time associated with the procedure. After all, the goal of treatment is to relieve pain and discomfort to make normal activities possible again, and most patients are eager to return to their former lifestyles. Patience is key, however, as is going into surgical treatment with a solid understanding of what to expect.

Factors that can influence recovery after spondylolisthesis surgery

Each patient’s unique recovery experience will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of surgery that was performed. When compared to traditional open spine surgery, minimally invasive spine procedures, such as the outpatient procedures performed at Laser Spine Institute, offer the potential for a shorter recovery time.^

Of course, it is not possible to predict how each person will respond to treatment, regardless of what type of spondylolisthesis surgery he or she receives. Some people notice a near-immediate improvement in the frequency and severity of their symptoms and are cleared for activity within a few weeks while others may take longer. At Laser Spine Institute, 88 percent of our patients report returning to daily activities within three months of their minimally invasive decompression surgery.^

Proactive steps to take during recovery

To help improve the likelihood of successful treatment, patients can take several proactive steps after surgery. One of the most important things to do is have patience and closely follow any physician-prescribed guidelines. Becoming active too soon after surgery can do more harm than good, although once a surgeon has given clearance to begin rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy and therapeutic exercise can be highly beneficial.

Some patients may also consider long-term lifestyle changes to help their recovery. For instance, smokers can work toward quitting to help slow the process of spinal degeneration. People can also add more nutritious options like fruits and vegetables to their diet to make sure they are getting the vitamins and nutrients that are essential for optimal health. To learn more about spondylolisthesis surgery recovery time and what else you can expect after a neck or back operation, contact Laser Spine Institute today. If you have undergone minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute, please call our SPINE LINE with any questions or concerns about your recovery process.

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