Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc

Walking your furry friend can be a fun way to get some exercise, but when you have the symptoms of a slipped disc, this normally innocuous activity can sometimes turn into an insurmountable task. However, there are many things you can do to keep Fido fit without aggravating your condition.

Helpful tips

Here are some easy ways to make your daily walk with your dog a less painful activity:

  • Enroll in an obedience course – Many dogs pull at the leash. While this might not bother you when your back is feeling OK, it can exacerbate slipped disc symptoms, and the problem can increase with the size of the dog. Taking an obedience course that teaches your dog how to walk on a leash and instructs you on how to keep your dog behaving well can make walking more enjoyable for both you and your pet.
  • Go to a dog park – Instead of walking around the neighborhood, consider taking your canine to a nearby dog park. He or she can get exercise by running around with other dogs while you relax on a bench and not worry about hurting your neck or back.
  • Take breaks – Find a trail or park with benches located throughout and take quick rest breaks along your route. Your dog will love the opportunity to sniff around and you can take a breather before continuing on. Even if you aren’t currently feeling symptoms, being proactive with your rest can help you avoid later discomfort.

Learn more

For more information and tips on avoiding pain from a slipped disc when walking your dog or to learn about treatment options for this condition, contact Laser Spine Institute. We’ll be happy to provide a review of your MRI or CT scan to determine whether you’re a candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures to treat a slipped disc.