Sciatica Help

If you are experiencing sciatica, help is available. This painful condition afflicts countless people worldwide and is one of the leading causes of pain in the back and lower extremities. When the sciatic nerve becomes compressed, either as the result of a traumatic injury, a herniated disc or another degenerative spine condition, treatment is often required to alleviate the pain. The good news is that there are a variety of places you can go to for sciatica help, which are listed in the following article.

Where to go if you are suffering from sciatica

The first step to overcoming sciatica is usually to visit your doctor for a physical examination and a medical imagery scan to identify the source of your condition. Once it is confirmed that you are experiencing sciatica, there are a number of ways to get help, but make sure to get your doctor’s permission before trying anything new to help your sciatica symptoms.

  • The gym. One of the best ways to overcome neuropathic pain and to prevent future injury is by strengthening your back muscles. This relieves stress on the lumbar spine and reduces the likelihood of experiencing an inflamed sciatic nerve.
  • Stretching classes. Like strength training, stretching the muscles in the back is a great way to avoid injury and sciatica.
  • Massage therapy. Deep tissue massage therapy is an effective way to alleviate stress in the back, which can also reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Chiropractor. A licensed chiropractor can sometimes help realign the spine and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve and, thus, alleviate the patient’s symptoms.
  • Diet counseling. One of the leading contributors to back pain is obesity. Carrying around excess body fat puts additional strain on the lumbar spine, accelerates spinal deterioration and causes sciatic pain. A diet counselor can help the patient develop a healthy and effective diet plan to lose the weight and keep it off.
  • Lifestyle counseling. These counseling sessions can be effective for helping the patient to identify parts of his or her life that can be improved or adjusted to help alleviate sciatica. This can include anything from quitting smoking to improving one’s posture.
  • Laser Spine Institute. If conservative treatment doesn’t provide the required pain relief after several weeks or months, a minimally invasive procedure from Laser Spine Institute is an excellent option. Our procedures offer pain relief without the lengthy recovery, high risks of complication and hospitalization typically associated with open spine surgery.^ Contact Laser Spine Institute today to learn how we can provide you with sciatica relief.

Minimally invasive sciatica surgery

Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery and has helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from chronic neck or back pain. Our highly skilled surgeons are able to use a small incision that is muscle sparing in order to remove the degenerative spine condition that is pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing debilitating pain and discomfort. Reach out to our dedicated team today and ask for a free MRI review* to determine if you are a potential candidate for our sciatica procedures.

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