Cleaning with a Ruptured Disc

Cleaning with a Ruptured Disc

It may not be the most enjoyable chore you have, but cleaning your home is a necessity, even if you’re experiencing pain resulting from a ruptured disc. You may not be able to escape doing the dishes, but there are many things you can do to make the process of getting your home spic and span more comfortable and minimize your symptoms when doing so.

Helpful tips

Some steps you can take to ease discomfort caused by your condition while cleaning include:

  • Use the right tools – You don’t have to stoop and reach to get your home clean. There are many tools such as extendable dusters and mops that allow you to get into hard-to-reach spots without having to strain yourself. Consider using scrub brushes with longer handles, and be creative with the tools you have. For example, rather than get down on your hands and knees to clean a shower floor, consider using the scrubbing end of a mop. If your cleaning utensils are old, consider replacing them to make the job even easier.
  • Allow the cleaning chemicals to do their job – Many cleaning solutions require a few minutes to set in and get the job done, so make sure you aren’t just spraying them on and wiping them off immediately. Give them time to work their magic, and you can significantly cut down on the elbow grease necessary on your end.
  • Pace yourself – Don’t feel like you have to clean the whole house in one day. Do just a little bit each day, and you can get the same results without exhausting yourself. In addition, make it easy for yourself to clean a little as you go through your daily routine. For example, keep cleaning wipes under the bathroom sink, and give the faucet and handles a once-over after washing your hands to keep them looking clean without having to go through the process of getting all your cleaning tools out. When you’re finished washing dishes, wipe away the water droplets with a sponge to avoid water spots when they dry. Little touches can make a big impact.
  • Consider a cleaning service – Although it isn’t an option for everyone, having a cleaning service come to your home once or twice a year to do a deep, thorough cleaning can make a huge difference and can make it much easier for you to maintain a sparkling home the rest of the year. Keep an eye out for coupons to make this more affordable if cost is an issue; oftentimes, cleaning services will offer discounted rates during certain times of the year.

Learn more

For more information on cleaning with a ruptured disc, or to learn about the minimally invasive procedures performed at Laser Spine Institute to treat this condition, contact us. We’ll review your MRI or CT scan and let you know if you could be a candidate for one of our state-of-the-art procedures.