Prolapsed Disc | Lifting Weights

Prolapsed Disc lifting weights

When you have a prolapsed disc, exercising can seem like an impossible task. However, losing muscle tone and fitness doesn’t have to be a side effect of this condition, and many people experiencing symptoms find that with careful planning they can continue lifting weights, even with a prolapsed disc.

Depending on where in your spine the prolapsed disc is located, you may be able to perform certain strength training exercises. For example, if you have a prolapsed disc in your lower back, you may not be able to work out your legs as much, but you can still perform chest, upper back and arm exercises without too much discomfort.

Of course, before beginning any weight lifting regimen, it’s vitally important to consult with your health care provider to determine if you’re healthy enough for these activities. Improperly lifting can cause more damage to your prolapsed disc, and only your physician can tell you if you are safe to begin a strength training regimen.

Tips for strength training with a prolapsed disc

  • Consider getting a personal trainer – A professional trainer can help you get the most out of your weight lifting sessions, allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, limiting your risk of aggravating your condition. A trainer can also help ensure you use proper form when lifting, which is one common cause of injury from strength training. If you prefer not to spend the money on a trainer, then look up videos of how to perform each exercise, and do them in front of a mirror, watching your form as you go.
  • Work your core – Strengthening your abdomen and back muscles adds stability to your spine, giving your body the opportunity to heal the prolapsed disc and minimizing stress to the spinal disc.
  • Stretch – Perhaps the most important, yet often-neglected, part of any work out is stretching. Make sure your muscles are loose to avoid injury and to ensure they aren’t pulling unnecessarily at your spine and agitating your prolapsed disc.

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For more information on treatments for a prolapsed disc and other ways to manage this condition, or information on the minimally invasive techniques performed at Laser Spine Institute, contact us. We’ll review your MRI or CT scan to determine whether or not you’re eligible for one of these procedures.