Different types of back braces for posture

Back braces can potentially be a great way to improve your posture, keep your spine properly aligned and minimize existing back pain due to a spinal condition, or prevent new problems from developing altogether. To learn about the type of back brace that may be effective in relieving your back pain and discomfort, read the following article.

Types of back braces for spinal health

You should always discuss with your doctor any sort of treatment for your back pain, including something seemingly safe as wearing a back brace. If your doctor says a back brace may be a good idea for you, there are a variety of potential options, depending on your condition, the severity of your symptoms and your spine care needs.

Talk to your doctor about the following back braces available so you can pick the best one for your lifestyle:

  • Rigid brace. This type of brace is usually recommended for people with stability problems in their back and need extra support. These braces can be used after a back injury or surgery, and help maintain stability and proper posture. Typically, they are made of rigid composite materials or molded plastic, often making them bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Corset brace. These braces are typically made from soft materials, like cloth, and provide support and help with posture in the middle and lower back. These are often recommended after spinal fusion surgery to limit motion and promote good posture.
  • Sacroiliac belt. This type of brace is used to stabilize the sacroiliac joint, which is in the lower back where the pelvis and sacrum meet. This brace compresses the sacroiliac joint to stabilize it, relieve pain and promote good posture. The belt wraps around the hips and is often made of materials that are somewhat elastic, allowing them to mold to the shape of the body.
  • Occupational brace. These braces are typically used during strenuous activity and heavy lifting to prevent injuries related to poor posture. Lifting belts and other lower back braces are common forms of occupational braces, which are often used in the workplace to prevent injury.

Learn more about treatment options for back pain

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