Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve

When you’re living with a pinched nerve, it can seem like life loses its luster as a lot of the things you may have once enjoyed are now simply too painful to participate in. However, there are many things you can do while recovering or managing symptoms from a pinched nerve. The key component to all pastimes is finding the activity level at which you’re comfortable. For example, some people have symptoms mild enough to allow them to continue with light strength training while others are limited to short walks. Though you may not be able to do activities to some previous level, with a little modification you can still have plenty of fun.

Enjoy life

Depending on the severity of your condition and your physician’s recommendations you may want to:

  • Attend a concert or play — You don’t have to move around a lot to have a good time, and concerts are a fun activity for a night out. With comfortable seating at most large facilities and frequent intermissions, you don’t have to stand for long periods but still can take breaks to stretch your legs when necessary.

  • Go for a walk — If you’re healthy enough and have symptoms that aren’t too severe, going for a walk can be a refreshing change of pace — literally — and a relaxing routine to include in your daily life. Look up parks and trails in your area, and explore them on the weekend or even on your lunch break.

  • Visit a new restaurant — It’s easy to fall into a routine of visiting the same place, but finding a new restaurant to try out can inject some fun into your day. Look in your local newspaper for restaurant reviews, and ask friends for recommendations. You may end up discovering a new favorite meal.

  • Go to a museum — While this may seem difficult because of the amount of walking, many museums offer patrons the use of scooters, and they may have benches strategically placed throughout the facility so you can easily take rests.

  • Host people at your home — There’s no place more comfortable than your own house, so invite some friends to come over and relax for an evening. You don’t have to prepare a four-course meal, either. Most grocery stores offer prepared appetizers that allow you to give your guests refreshments without the work.

Learn more

For more information on activities suitable for those living with a pinched nerve, or to learn about treatment options, including the minimally invasive spine surgeries performed at Laser Spine Institute, contact us. Call today for your MRI review to see if you are a candidate for our surgery.

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