Pinched Nerve in Lower Back | Hot/Cold Therapy

Pinched Nerve in Lower Back

A pinched nerve in your lower back can cause extremely debilitating symptoms, such as chronic pain, burning, weakness, tingling and more. As anyone who has experienced this condition can attest, these symptoms can quickly rob you of your ability to lead a normal, active lifestyle. Sitting at your desk at work, taking a walk with the kids, swinging your nine iron and other activities can easily become nearly impossible due to the pain and other symptoms. However, one of the most commonly recommended treatment methods for a pinched nerve is actually an easy, at-home remedy – hot/cold therapy.

Hot/cold therapy

Always remember to speak with your physician before beginning any treatment program. He or she will be best able to advise you on which options might be right for you. With that being said, it’s possible a simple hot/cold therapy program might be suitable to treat a pinched nerve. This treatment option involves soothing your pain with alternating heat and cold. Hot treatments can be applied with a heating pad, or even a hot bath, while cold therapy involves ice packs. Keep in mind that these treatments shouldn’t be continued if they cause you pain, but if you find one that works and makes you feel better, be consistent by applying it as often as needed.


Some individuals with a painful pinched nerve in the lower back simply can’t find relief from conservative treatments – whether it’s hot/cold therapy or some other option – and instead turn to elective surgery as a last resort. If this describes your situation, contact Laser Spine Institute today to learn about our minimally invasive procedures that are effective alternatives to traditional open back surgery.

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