Cervical Neck Surgery Recovery


The length of time necessary for cervical neck surgery recovery depends on the severity of the spinal condition and the type of operation performed. Recuperation from traditional open neck surgery can take many months – even as long as a year or more in some cases. This is due to the highly invasive nature of most traditional open neck and back surgeries, which require the fusion of bone and implants, as well as the use of absorbable sutures to hold bisected soft tissue together and surgical staples to close a relatively large incision.

Potential complications during cervical neck surgery recovery

In addition to an overnight stay at the hospital and the usual residual pain associated with any major operation, traditional open spine surgery to treat a spinal condition such as a herniated disc in the neck is never guaranteed to work. Postoperative complications that can arise after a procedure such as cervical disc replacement surgery with spinal fusion include:

  • Post-operative infection
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Nerve injury related to a surgical mistake
  • Epidural or subarachnoid scar tissue
  • Development of a spinal condition at another vertebral level

An alternative to traditional surgery

Tens of thousands of patients have turned to Laser Spine Institute for procedures that are an effective alternative to traditional open neck surgery. The surgeons at Laser Spine Institute perform minimally invasive procedures that require no overnight hospital stay and allow a much shorter recuperation. Contact Laser Spine Institute for information about a spinal decompression procedure that can help you find meaningful relief from neck and back pain.