Spinal fusion overview — important information on this type of procedure

A spinal fusion procedure might be recommended for you if you’ve been diagnosed with a degenerative spine condition and you already have attempted more conservative treatment measures. A spinal fusion is often seriously considered if one of your spinal discs is damaged to the point that it can no longer support surrounding vertebrae.

During a fusion procedure, the damaged disc will be removed and a bone graft will be inserted in its place along with implants to promote spinal stability. One of the main goals of surgery will be to reestablish proper height and positioning of the vertebrae so that nerve structures located in between them are protected from compression.

What kinds of spinal fusion procedures are available?

The procedure used to address a particular spinal condition will depend on the severity of the condition and which section of the spine is affected, with the most commonly affected areas being the cervical (upper) spine and the lumbar (lower) spine. At Laser Spine Institute, we offer a range of minimally invasive stabilization surgeries — a safer and effective alternative^ to traditional fusion — to address a range of degenerative issues in these areas. Our surgeons access the spine with a small incision and use muscle-sparing techniques to perform these procedures, allowing them to be performed on an outpatient basis. Our minimally invasive stabilization procedures include:

What results can be expected from a spinal fusion procedure?

With any spinal fusion, there are always risks associated with it, but Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive approach reduces the chance of postsurgical complications compared to open spine fusion. Performed in an outpatient setting, the fusion procedures at Laser Spine Institute have a much lower risk of infection, blood loss, scarring and postoperative pain.^

To learn more about the spinal fusion options that Laser Spine Institute can offer, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss how our spinal fusion techniques could help you find relief from neck or back pain. To determine if you are a potential candidate for any of our procedures, we are happy to offer a no-cost MRI or CT scan review.*