Bone spur surgery

While bone spur surgery is typically considered the treatment of last resort for patients who have been unable to find meaningful pain relief from conservative, non-invasive treatments, for a select segment of the population it may be the only real option to overcome pain. Bone spurs in the neck or back are permanent growths of bone that develop in and around the vertebral joints, typically as a result of a traumatic injury or from the onset of osteoarthritis. When these projections come in contact with other bone, soft tissue or a nerve within the spinal column, a patient may experience a variety of symptoms that warrant treatment.

Purpose of bone spur surgery

The goal of any bone spur surgery is simple: remove the source of a patient’s pain. Conservative treatments are often effective at minimizing symptoms or maintaining mobility in a degenerated region of the spine, but because these growths of bone are permanent, surgery is the only way to completely remove the cause of a patient’s symptoms. However, the excision of the bone spur itself isn’t the only procedure that may be considered.

Facet thermal ablation

At Laser Spine Institute, we specialize in a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedure known as facet thermal ablation. During this procedure, our orthopedic surgeons clean the facet joint (vertebral joint) of any debris that may have accumulated within the joint and then deaden the nerve within the joint, thus removing the receptor for pain. Unlike other bone spur surgery techniques, the bone spurs remain within the joint, but the patient’s ability to recognize the pain is removed. The advantage of this type of procedure is that rehabilitation is minimal^ and there is very little risk for postoperative complications or failed back surgery syndrome.

In fact, the minimally invasive procedures at Laser Spine Institute:

  • Require no hospital stay
  • Have an infection rate of 0.49 percent, compared to up to 19 percent for traditional open back surgery

To learn more about the advantages of facet thermal ablation as an alternative to more invasive traditional open neck or back bone spur surgery, contact Laser Spine Institute today to schedule your initial consultation.