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  • Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
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Robert Blok, D.O.

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Profile Overview

There’s something to be said for living life to its absolute fullest, where the only limits you encounter are the ones you place on yourself. This ability to realize dreams has been the cornerstone of Dr. Robert James Blok Jr.’s success. Case in point; when his fascination with the art of minimally invasive spine surgery couldn’t be contained, he honored his desire to know more by hopping a plane to Germany to see how it was done. What he learned there, catapulted his career in ways he never imagined, landing him illustrious posts teaching fellow surgeons, then working as Chief of Surgery at Clark Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Blok believes his patients often hold the answers to what ails them. His job, he says, is to listen. “Nine times out of 10, patients will tell me what’s wrong, so I listen first,” he said. “I then look at the MRI or science, and I’m better able to pinpoint the problem.”

As a believer in giving the body a chance to respond to holistic treatment, Dr. Blok says he’s found common ground with the team at Laser Spine Institute. “I was drawn to the healing aspect, the friendly staff and the personality of those who worked there,” he explained. “It’s something you can’t teach.”

When not working in the operating room, Dr. Blok spends his free time with his family and doing the hobbies he enjoys most, like watersports, flying and restoring old Volkswagens.