• Acupuncture certified, National University of Health Sciences

Committees / Organizations

  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association

Gaurav Reshamwala, D.C.

Consultant Physician, Chiropractor

Profile Overview

For Dr. Gaurav Reshamwala, the patient journey always begins with trust. Whether that means a warm smile or finding a unique way to explain a condition, Dr. Reshamwala strives to make meaningful connections. This desire comes from a personal place — after a car accident left him injured, he was amazed by the way chiropractic care helped him find healing and relief.

As a Consult Physician with Laser Spine Institute, Dr. Reshamwala brings this quality of building trust through patient education with him to work every day. His ability to explain spine conditions and potential treatment options with clarity are a natural fit for Laser Spine Institute’s culture of patient-centered care.

After receiving his doctor of chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Reshamwala spent time in private practice and as an adjunct professor. As both a healer and an educator, Dr. Reshamwala has found deep satisfaction in the many different ways he promotes health and wellness to the people he encounters.

A particular patient story that stands out for him was helping a woman who had been immobilized by rheumatoid arthritis. By working with her to develop a holistic treatment plan that included physical therapy and acupuncture, Dr. Reshamwala was able to help the patient regain much of her quality of life.

Outside of his work life, Dr. Reshamwala is devoted to his family and loves exploring the beauty of the world with his wife and daughter. His favorite hobbies — including running, fishing and golf — are also oriented toward an active outdoor lifestyle.