Paradise Valley, AZ

Laser Spine Institute reaches patients in Paradise Valley, Arizona

People in Paradise Valley, Arizona can now find relief from chronic neck or back pain at one of our conveniently located Laser Spine Institute surgery centers across the country.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and have been diagnosed with a spine condition, it is time for you to find a treatment option that targets the core of your condition to offer lasting pain relief. At Laser Spine Institute, we offer a safer, more effective alternative to traditional open back surgery.§ Our minimally invasive spine surgery is designed to treat spine conditions without disrupting the muscles and tissues surrounding the spine. That means you have a smaller incision scar and shorter recovery time§ than patients who undergo traditional open back surgery.

Our goal over the last several years has been to make our Laser Spine Institute minimally invasive surgery conveniently available to patients across the country. We understand the physical limitations that chronic pain can place on a person’s life, and we believe that distance should never be a reason why someone doesn’t get the health care treatment needed to recapture their quality of life.

With the addition of our seventh world-class surgery center across the country, we’ve had the opportunity to help treat several patients from the Paradise Valley, Arizona area. We’ve heard amazing stories about the beautiful scenery of Paradise Valley and the things our patients love to do on the weekend, such as shop at the Scottsdale Marketplace, which is not far from our surgery center in Scottsdale.

If you are in Paradise Valley, Arizona or the surrounding areas and you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, we encourage you to contact our care team about the treatment options available to you.