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Chris's Laser Spine Institute Testimonial

Chris S. had chronic neck pain until he found relief at Laser Spine Institute. Chris traveled from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Laser Spine Institute’s outpatient surgery center in order to get the best care possible. “I was treated very well,” he said. “The staff was friendly, thorough, caring and well-organized. I would highly recommend Laser Spine Institute to anyone having spine surgery issues.”

Finding the right back surgeon to address your spine disorder can be an overwhelming process, particularly when you are reeling with pain as Chris was. We understand the need to find someone you can trust, and at Laser Spine Institute, we could be able to help you find the pain relief that conservative treatments have failed to offer.

Why choose Laser Spine Institute

Our team of renowned orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, a more effective alternative to traditional open back surgery.

Usually, the decision to undergo spine surgery is born out of frustration; back pain has typically persisted for months or years, with no relief offered from a variety of non-surgical treatments. For these patients, back surgery is the final beacon of hope, yet traditional open back surgery has risks. It is invasive and requires hospitalization, lengthy recovery and intimidating rehabilitation.

As such, too many patients elect to live a life with the pain because the prospect of surgery is too daunting. At Laser Spine Institute, we think this is no way to go through life. We specialize in minimally invasive, outpatient spine procedures that help our patients find meaningful relief without the drawbacks of traditional open back surgery. Using state-of-the-art technology, a Laser Spine Institute back surgeon is able to address a variety of spine disorders, including herniated discs and spinal stenosis, with unmatched precision and care.

Some other advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery performed at Laser Spine Institute include:

  • The procedures are quick — some lasting less than an hour.
  • A shorter recovery period§ and minimal rehabilitation is necessary.
  • Laser procedures reduce the chance of muscle damage and scar tissue buildup.
  • 81 percent of our patients report returning to work within 3 months of their procedure.
  • And more

Contact Laser Spine Institute today to schedule an initial consultation if you are considering spine surgery. We are pleased to offer a review of your MRI or CT scan and answer all of your questions about your condition and surgical options. You have nothing to lose other than your pain.