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Alexander Zilber, M.D.


Profile Overview

Dr. Zilber began his medical career at the age of 15 at his local hospital, where he worked as a nursing assistant mopping floors and catering to patients. Later, he earned his Doctor of Medicine at Odessa State Medical School in the Ukraine. Dr. Zilber moved to the U.S. after his graduation from medical school, where he cultivated his skills as an anesthesiologist. He honed his abilities as a faculty anesthesiologist at UMASS in Worcester, Mass. for five years before joining the Laser Spine Institute team. He was also instrumental at establishing a Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management group of dedicated physicians with focus on U.S.-guided techniques.

As an anesthesiologist at Laser Spine Institute, Dr. Zilber is devoted to delivering patient-centric care. Every day, he experiences proud moments. Dr. Zilber loves when his patients stop him with tears in their eyes to express their joy and gratitude for providing a comfortable and compassionate experience at Laser Spine Institute.