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The C4 Vertebra

The C4 Vertebra

The C4 vertebra is the fourth vertebra in the cervical spine, sitting approximately level with the top of the thyroid cartilage (the Adam’s apple). It is similar in structure and appearance to the other cervical vertebrae, except for C1-2 and C7. Through an opening (foramen) in the vertebra issues the C5 nerve root, which innervates portions of the arm and wrist.

Vertebral Conditions

The cervical spine is the most flexible portion of the spinal column, as it must allow for the full range of head movements in addition to supporting the weight of the head. Thus, it is particularly vulnerable to weakening or injury to the intervertebral discs that separate the cervical vertebrae. In the event that one of these discs bulges or herniates, it could press against a spinal nerve, causing pain, tingling, numbness, and loss of mobility. In the event that the C5 nerve root, which could be affected by the disc below the C4 vertebra, is compressed, it could lead to pain or other symptoms in the thumb-side of the arm.

Endoscopic Treatment

At Laser Spine Institute (LSI), we are committed to the latest in laser-assisted surgical techniques designed to?treat such spine conditions as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, and others without the pain, inconvenience, and risk of open back surgery. If you have been diagnosed with these or any other spine condition, and if a conservative treatment plan is not having the desired effect, contact LSI right away and we will schedule a free review of your last MRI or CT scan.

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