Ruptured Disc Surgery

ruptured disc surgery

Ruptured disc surgery is necessary only for those patients whose neck or back pain is severe enough that it limits their ability to work, exercise or take care of themselves. Typically, the number of patients requiring ruptured disc surgery is small, less than 10 percent. Your physician may recommend surgery if you have significant nerve damage or if conservative treatment options, such as physical therapy for ruptured discs, do not reduce the pain. Before considering surgery, you also should give your body a couple months to reabsorb disc material on its own.

There are several types of surgery that might be used to treat a ruptured disc. The first type, laminectomy, is a common, traditional open back surgery that is intended to help relieve pressure on the nerve root that’s causing pain. During this procedure, a surgeon removes the lamina (the thin bony “roof” over the spinal canal and spinal cord) on selected vertebrae to create more space for the nerves. Like all open back surgeries, a laminectomy comes with several risks, including infection and scarring.

The second type of ruptured disc surgery, laminotomy, is similar to a laminectomy. With a laminotomy, however, more room is created in the spinal canal by removing a portion of the lamina, not the entire lamina. By increasing the amount of space, pressure is taken off the nerve being pressed upon by a bulging disc.

The third type, discectomy, removes the ruptured disc material that is bulging into the spinal canal to free nerve roots from impingement.

If you aren’t responding to conservative ruptured disc treatments, you may need more progressive treatments, like ruptured disc surgery, to regain your mobility. Laser Spine Institute offers minimally invasive procedures that have proven to be significantly more successful than traditional ruptured disc surgeries – while also offering patients a faster recovery and much less risk. Our surgery for a ruptured disc removes the disc material causing your pain. Laser Spine Institute’s state-of-the-art outpatient procedures can help you to regain your quality of life. For a review of your MRI or CT scan, and to learn more information about our facilities, contact us today.