Pinched Nerve Surgery

Pinched Nerve Surgery

Pinched nerve surgery for the neck or back is reserved for patients who experience pain and limited mobility from a pinched nerve and have already tried other non-surgical treatment methods without success. Learning that you’ll have to resort to surgery to treat your pinched nerve symptoms can be unsettling at first, but the good news is that there are different surgical approaches to choose from, which gives you the freedom to select the option that you feel most comfortable with.

Since a pinched nerve is caused by tissue, bone or disc material that’s placing pressure on the nerve, the surgical treatment often will involve decompression by removing tissues to free up space in the spinal or nerve canals. Two common types of pinched nerve surgery are foraminotomy and laminotomy. During a laminotomy, the surgeon removes a piece of the lamina, which is a part of the vertebrae that acts as a shield to cover the spinal cord. During a foraminotomy, the opening where a nerve root exits the spinal column is surgically enlarged to relieve pressure from the nerve. Both open spine procedures traditionally involve hospitalization and a large incision, and can cause significant damage to muscles and tissue, so the recovery time can be lengthy, and prescription pain medication may be required to help manage symptoms.

Laser Spine Institute offers foraminotomy, laminotomy and other procedures to treat pinched nerves and other spinal conditions, but we perform these procedures on an outpatient basis. Our minimally invasive pinched nerve surgery involves techniques that drastically cut down on the incision size, pain and recovery time associated with traditional open back surgeries. At Laser Spine Institute, some patients begin to see improvement the same day of their surgery.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a pinched nerve and are tired of living with its painful symptoms, it may be time to consider the minimally invasive procedures offered by Laser Spine Institute. Our caring staff can answer any of your questions or concerns, so contact us today to schedule your MRI or CT scan review.

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