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Pinched Nerve Treatment

pinched nerve treatment

Pinched nerve treatment for the neck and back is designed to alleviate pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, muscle spasms and the other symptoms of a pinched nerve. Most conservative pinched nerve treatments, however, only treat these symptoms of the condition and do not address the underlying cause of the pinched nerve.

In the spine, nerves can be pinched by herniated or bulging disc matter, or inflamed tissue or bone, thereby preventing the nerve from properly transmitting signals. There are several ways to treat a pinched nerve, so your physician will likely run a series of tests, which may include a nerve conduction study or electromyography, in order to assess the severity of the condition before designing your treatment plan. Sometimes, pinched nerve symptoms are alleviated simply by resting the affected area, so your physician may recommend that you refrain from activities that cause symptoms to become aggravated. Other pinched nerve treatment options include pain killers, anti-inflammatory medication, massage, hot/cold therapy, stretching and exercise. For more severe cases, physical therapy or corticosteroid injections may be advised.

In the event that non-surgical therapies like these prove ineffective in alleviating symptoms, back surgery becomes an option. In most cases, the goal of surgery is to remove the disc, bone or other tissues that are impinging on the nerve in order to address the cause of the symptoms and provide a lasting solution. If you’ve considered open back surgery as a pinched nerve treatment but are discouraged by the risks and complications, you may want to explore the minimally invasive procedures at Laser Spine Institute. Our outpatient procedures are completed using state-of-the-art technology that drastically lowers the risk of muscle and tissue damage that you would face with open back surgery, thereby shortening recovery time and reducing scarring. Furthermore, all of our procedures are performed in an outpatient environment, so you’ll be able to leave within a couple hours of your procedure and return to our surgery center the next day for postoperative appointment.

If you’re tired of living a sedentary, limited life because you have a pinched nerve, contact us today. We can help you find relief from pain, starting with a review of your MRI or CT scan.

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