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Thoracic Back Surgery

Thoracic Back Surgery

Thoracic surgery is typically recommended to correct significant problems with the thoracic segment of the spine, which is located in the mid-back. Typically thoracic surgery, as with all spine surgeries, is seen as a final option after other, more conservative, treatments have been exhausted. When indicated, thoracic surgical options can include both traditional open back procedures, as well as the less-invasive endoscopic option.

The thoracic spine is the term used to describe the 12 vertebrae that rest between the neck and lower back. This segment is responsible for supporting the ribcage, which requires great strength but also greatly limits range of motion. As such, issues with the thoracic vertebrae are less common than with their counterparts in the cervical (upper) and lumbar (lower) spine. This is not to say that the thoracic spine is not prone to problems, however. Corrective thoracic surgery is often required to treat middle back pain that can be caused by:

A doctor will typically only present open back surgery as an option after all other treatments have been explored. A patient suffering from back or neck pain can typically manage the symptoms with more conservative means, such as physical therapy, pain medication, and the application of ice or heat. Thoracic surgery, cervical surgery, and lumbar surgery only become an option when these treatments are proven ineffective.

Depending on the origin of the problem, a number of surgical procedures are available to the patient. Historically, thoracic surgery was always an open back procedure that required hospitalization and large incisions. Alternatively, recent advances in modern medicine have made endoscopic surgery an increasingly popular option. This is because endoscopic surgery is far less invasive and risky than open back surgery and is actually an outpatient procedure.

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