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Patients from the San Antonio, Texas, area travel to Laser Spine Institute to find relief

Christopher's Laser Spine Institute Testimonial

Christopher B. enjoyed camping and hunting with his children until back pain robbed him of his ability to do so. Pending medical release from the military due to his back pain, Christopher decided to do something about his radiating pain. He traveled to Laser Spine Institute from his home in San Antonio, Texas, for minimally invasive spine surgery. After his streamlined experience, he said he was “amazed at the hospitality.”

If you have been experiencing pain like Christopher was, consider contacting Laser Spine Institute, the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. Laser Spine Institute has surgery centers nationwide. Patients from all over the world travel to visit Laser Spine Institute’s state-of-the-art surgery centers to find relief from chronic neck or back pain.

What is the source of your neck or back pain?

Many things can cause neck and back pain. Some pain stems from a traumatic injury. Sometimes, though, an accident has nothing to do with the pain. As we age, our spine slowly deteriorates. The intervertebral discs shrink, and bone spurs develop. Most people’s spinal conditions never become symptomatic, while for others the conditions cause excruciating pain. Here are some conditions that can cause neck or back pain:

  • Annular tears
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylosis
  • Bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc disease

Neck or back pain typically occurs when the spinal cord or a spinal nerve root is pinched. Most types of pain are resolved with some conservative, non-surgical treatment. Conservative treatment includes low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga and Pilates, physical therapy, chiropractic care and steroidal injections to help ease the pain. Some physicians may suggest taking over-the-counter medications or prescription-strength pain medications.

Traditional open-back surgery vs. minimally invasive spine surgery

Traditional open back surgery requires a large incision along the length of the spine. Surgeons typically cut through muscles and ligaments to access the level of the spine that needs to be treated. Traditional open back surgery requires a hospital stay and several months of recovery. Conversely, the minimally invasive procedures offered at Laser Spine Institute are performed through a small incision and use muscle-sparing techniques to reduce the impact on surrounding tissues. Eighty percent of our patients report returning to work within three months after surgery.

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