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Kansas City, MO

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgeons Located Regionally Helping Patients From Kansas City

Susan's Laser Spine Institute Testimonial

Susan Probst, from Kansas City, decided to travel to Laser Spine Institute for relief from her chronic neck pain. She enjoyed the patient-centered care she received during her streamlined experience. “The personnel are fabulous, very customer-oriented and have confidence in their work. For the first time in years I had hope,” she said. “Thank God there is a place to help someone with my symptoms.”

No matter where you live, suffering through neck or back pain can ruin the quality of your life, like it did with Susan. Laser Spine Institute offers patients relief from their chronic neck or back pain through treatments offered at our regional centers. Laser Spine Institute offers patients the highest level of care and service available. We understand that you are looking for professionals who are committed to offering you the greatest treatment available, which is why Laser Spine Institute is committed to assisting you through each step of your experience.

Patient experience

Because nearly 80 percent of our patients travel to come see us, we know that a streamlined experience sets us apart from other treatment centers. Nearly all of our preliminary work with you as a patient is done over the phone with one of our skilled Spine Care Consultants. These Spine Care Consultants will do their best to walk you through each step of our experience, ensuring that you receive the best treatment from the first phone call to your postoperative appointment.

The first step in our experience is to determine whether or not you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures. Our Spine Care Consultants will reach out to the facility where you had your last MRI or CT scan to retrieve a copy of your report. This will assist our medical staff in determining whether you have the conditions that we see and treat on a daily basis.

Once you have been qualified as a candidate, you are ready to schedule your experience. The experience is broken down as follows:

Days one and two: The first two days of the experience are reserved for diagnostic testing and evaluations. This allows the surgeon to become intimately familiar with your specific case and conditions before writing a surgical order. At the end of these two days you will be given a surgical order.
Day three: Day three is the day of your surgery.
Day four: Day four is left as a day of rest and recovery in your hotel. You will be given instruction for light activity on day four after your surgery on day three.
Day five: Day five is reserved for your postoperative appointment and discharge information. After your appointment you are free to travel home.

Though this is the average example of an experience with Laser Spine Institute, each patient’s experience may vary. Some patients require 48 hours of rest and recovery postoperatively. For more information regarding your specific experience, contact Laser Spine Institute today.

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